Thursday, 12 April 2012


Hey Dolls,

So i am a HUGE fan of online shopping! It is one of my favourite time passes lol! In fact i would say a very good portion of my purchases in recent times are online! What i love about it is that there are no time limits, no rush and no closing times. You can shop at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home (for me my bed) at any time of the day or night you wish! And the icing is that every time a package arrives i feel like a little kid on christmas, its almost like sending yourself a gift!

So today a little package arrived from ASOS - one of the sites i frequent far too often. Asos is great as it has a huge selection of styles and brands and it offers free shipping! So ill stop babbling and let you guys get to the good stuff! xxxxx

Disclaimer: The picture quality may not be the greatest since they were taken with my iPhone.

 How the package arrives.

This is what you see when you open it, they provide a receipt as well as return info. 

The lipstick came individually packaged in this cute ASOS box. 

I got this gorgeous rich pink colour in a Barry M Lipstick. 


Next, is a pastel blue watch from Lipsy, i had to pick this up as it was on sale and it definitely fits in with the pastel trend which is in style at the moment. 

The colour of the watch is more like the professional photos rather than the photos i have taken myself. 

Next, I picked up some black and white stripped stretch fit high waisted jeans from Motel. <3 <3 This statement piece!!

Here are some shots of how it fits:

Last but not least, i grabbed this gorgeous Gold Bag. I love this piece as it can be worn a variety of ways. It can be used under the arm as a clutch, it can be hand held like a brief case or it can be worn over the shoulder. 

<3 <3 

Whats your favourite?? Mine is the gold bag!!

Love, N xxxxxxx

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